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First, a little background.

Though I hate the word foodie (at least, what it has become in this everyone-is-a-self-proclaimed-critic, Yelp-obsessed society of ours), I love food and all that great dining entails.  To me, good food and good drink are an expression of culture, history, and heart.   A meal shared with those that you love is an experience to be cherished.

In my hometown of Richmond, VA I definitely felt like I was able to experience some of the best that the state had to offer.  I had become the person that friends and family would go to if they wanted information on the newest dining spot, where to get a great glass of wine, or what to expect when trying Ethiopian for the first time.  And, speaking of Richmond, if you haven’t been there, it truly is a dining destination.  From world class seafood, to inspired small plates, and fantastic cocktails – I have had some incredible meals where the memories and flavors will last a life time.

However, when the right opportunity arose, I knew it was time to mosey on down the road.

Which brings me to Austin, TX: Live Music Capital of the World, Food Truck Country, Craft Brew Heaven.  Though it’s a daunting task, with so many new options and opportunities to explore, I look forward to finding new favorites in this great city.  And, while I’m excited to share my Austin discoveries with you, also look for my thoughts on wines from across the world, a newly-discovered single malt scotch, and my experiences on learning to cook new cuisines in my own kitchen.  I’m excited for all of the great tastes that lie in store.

After all, Life Is 4 Tasting!


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