Things are Looking Up…slowly

Day 3:
Today, I started out with the remnants of yesterday’s migraine, so that was definitely not a fun way to begin the day.  However, as the day progressed, I’m not sure if it’s from the cleanse or simply post-migraine euphoria, but I was feeling significantly better.  I’m also already starting to notice my tastes changing.  I found myself actually getting excited for celery and almond butter or for a refreshing berry smoothie.  It’s amazing – when you’re not constantly filling yourself with foods that high-sugar, highly processed, etc, you find yourself relishing in the natural flavors that these whole foods exhibit.
I will say though, that I am still really craving a good drink.  I was off from work today and it was BEAUTIFUL outside.  Finding a nice sunny spot for a glass of wine sounded pretty sweet.  But, alas…sigh… I will say though, a little trick I’ve discovered is infusing my own mineral water, and it’s definitely making great strides in holding me over.  I don’t know about you, but tap water all day, every day just doesn’t do it for me.  However, muddle a little fresh mint and cucumber in the bottom of a glass and fill with some sparkling water… It treats me just fine. (You can find all sorts of recipes scattered across the internet.  Just remember, no citrus.)


TIP: If there’s a time in the day/week where you are in the habit of enjoying a cocktail/snack (for us it’s when we get home after work), consider planning something else during that time.  We’ve loved driving into the city for a walk – Just watch out for the temptation of outside patios and live jazz music 😉
We also had an AMAZING dinner tonight, and no recipe was needed.  We found these great little lamb chops at Costco that my husband cooked up in a cast-iron skillet with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.  Let me tell you, delicious!  If you like lamb, I feel like it’s a must to get you through this diet.  Serve it with a sweet potato and sautéed Brussels sprouts, and it gives you a wonderful, savory, satisfying meal.


TIP: If you have a membership to a wholesale club (Costco, Sams, etc) USE IT! It’s especially great for your meats, but they also have a nice selection of fresh fruits and veggies.  They are offering many organic options now too, which is nice if you can swing it.
All-in-all, Day 3 has been pretty good to me.  Things are certainly looking up.

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