Was It All That I Thought It Would Be?

Alright, so now that my Elimination Diet is over (we survived!!), let me give you a brief look at the last week.

For Days 6 and 7 (the final totally clean days), I was in a much better place than the day before.  I think, after letting myself have that small “cheat” of a glass of wine, it reminded me that I’m in control here.  I’m not putting my body through the internal wringer because I have to, it’s because I CHOOSE to.  It also reminded me that I’m not doing this forever.  It’s just a couple of weeks.

Following my week of clean eating, I decided that rather than trying to take the time to add back all of the potential trigger foods/allergens I would pick my three top contenders.  (Maybe in 6 months, I’ll start the process again for the other 3-4.)  I figured I could tackle those three things in about a week, and that seemed reasonable.  Can you tell I’m ready to get back to normal!?

My Top 3 Contenders:

Nightshades (just a reminder, these are bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, etc.)




ImageI tried nightshades first, namely because it’s what my husband missed most 😉  We were able to add them to salads and stirfry, and even sauteed a big batch to have with breakfast.  We had really missed those flavors, and especially the spice of hot chilis, so this addition made a big difference at meal time.

Then I waited…

Well, spoiler alert! I felt fine.  I do want to give you a heads up though, before you go into this all willynilly.  More than just “feeling bad” if you have a problem with nightshades, this is one of those foods that, especially when eaten in large quantities like this diet suggests, can give you other physical side-effects if you’re prone to them: rashes, hives, cold sores, etc.  So, if you know you have dealt with these things in the past, be careful.

Then, a few days later:






So, here’s what I’m getting at.  I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference physically whether I was eating these foods or not.  And, I’ll have to say, though I went into this process looking for answers, I’m relieved.

However, I’ll certainly not say that this whole, somewhat painful process was all for nothing.  There are certainly things that I learned and habits that I will keep with me.  Check back in for my next post where I list some additional tips and tricks for surviving the Elimination Diet and also share the positive aspects that I hope to make a part of my everyday life.

LifeIs4Tasting: Finally!


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